The artist

Through the years, Nicola Stela has been interested in the sculpture, inspired by the ideas that the study of the architecture brought to his mind. As soon culminated the career, he was inclined to seek in the forms as self-expression, a way of expressing the intrinsic relationship that should exist between the human being and his environment. This is how he studied the art of modeling clay for several years and where he gets interested by the abstract expressionism. During the following years he decides to let his eyes wander around Europe, place where was molded his way of thinking, living and making art. It is there where he falls for the expression of the human figure and decides that not everything has been said, so he embarks upon the search for a new vision, which allows him to merge the human figure with the architecture. Then he strives to represent the force that holds the man in space, that inner force that compels the man to dance, jump higher and in that attempt get a little more to the divine. But limited both the man and the sculpture by its own weight, he understands that the only way to leave the man in perpetual levitation, is across the planes, witnesses of that foolish effort to defy gravity.

The works

The wall holds in eternal weightlessness the figure and it, in gratitude, infuses it's beauty". The idea of these works is the fusion between human figure and architecture, two concepts that seem to be distant from each other. Through this process I found that the shape of the figure, by having contact with the wall humanizes it, makes it malleable and prints it its aesthetics. Through these works I confront myself and unveil worries that I have regarding  life. I think that life is limited by the perception of an existing, premeditated or predetermined for those thoughts that rooted us to the past and make us think that we are something that we should not be. It is for this reason that existence is presented to us distorted and we pretend that that we understand, but we are always confused, wondering about the reason of the things that have no logic. Truth is not very dear, even when we are facing it, because it is veiled by the facts that cloud our understanding. Therefore, life is presented in a confusing way. The process of thought that tries to explain it is not clear per se, but must be seen through the lens of the understanding of emotion, because only through this filter I can understand what words cannot express. Consequently, life by itself does not express what I feel and the expression of it does not say what I think. It is in the fusion of two worlds, where lies the answer to the questions which in principle were formulated: Is it possible to give life to the wall? Is it possible to support the figure without the need of cables or external elements that do not really belong to the work? I hope through these works to answer these questions.

And those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music. Nietsche

White Brush Strokes

Bring me back

"Works of art make rules; rules do not make works of art"

Claude Debussy

White Brush Strokes

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